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What's so good about Awards for All?

What different people think about our small grants programmes
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Almost 80 per cent of the grants we make are for Awards for All projects, but all of these combined only came to about 10 per cent of our funding.

We knew that Awards for all was well-known and popular, but we didn’t know much about the real differences it makes and indeed what people think is important about the programme.

So in late 2012 we commissioned a partnership between Rocket Science and CM International to find out more.

Among other things the study found that:

  • Awards for All funds a vast range of projects across the UK. This is one of its great strengths, but it makes it harder for us to get a reliable idea about the difference that it makes as a whole.
  • But most people don’t think that measuring difference in that way is very important. What matters to them is that the funding is readily available to support what communities and groups want to do.
  • There is wide interest in finding out more about impact. Perhaps the best thing that we can do for A4A grant-holders is to help them to tell their own story in their own language.

Read the main report from the study