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We are the biggest community funder in the UK. Every year, we fund 12,000 projects using money raised by National Lottery players.

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Project: Tyne Gateway Trust, Trust Lads and Dads

dads and lads

Meet the Lads and Dads

Young fathers in Tyneside are building and sharing their experiences and skills to break the cycle of absent male role models.

The Lads and Dads project trains local people with experience of complex issues like unemployment, substance misuse, debt, and absent fathers. They then support fathers aged 16-25 to understand the responsibilities of caring for a baby or young child, and the skills needed to support a family. ‘Community grandparents’ share knowledge around feeding regimes, sleep patterns, play, and relationships. They are also encouraged to participate in training courses, apprenticeships and job shadowing to build skills and employability.

‘Everything about this project was developed by dads who have experienced this problem themselves’

Lads and Dads received £424,628 over three years through our Reaching Communities programme.

Project: Bellsmyre Development Trust, Beautiful and Active Bellsmyre

belsmyre 300px

Meet the community of Bellsmyre

The residents of Bellsmyre in Dunbartonshire are coming together to decide on priorities and build a shared vision for their community.

They identified the need for a shared community facility, and commissioned the construction of the Cutty Sark Centre which was completed in early 2014. It’s now home to a wide range of activities catering to the whole community and provides a focal point for public events. The Bellsmyre Development Trust is governed by local people, and manages a number of projects for the community, such as a mountain bike trail, family addiction support, and environmental gateways.

‘Almost everything that we do has originally been at the request of groups of the community’

Beautiful and Active Bellsmyre received £246,892 through the Our Place programme.

Project: Leonard Cheshire Disability Battersea, Enablement and Healthy Living

Leonard Cheshire 300 px

Meet William

William and Leonard Cheshire Disability Battersea are supporting disabled people to live more independently by developing their skills and confidence.

They’ve designed a comprehensive programme of health and exercise activities with a focus on giving people choice and control over what they do. This includes healthy eating workshops, physical activity workshops, and ‘life gym’ sessions which support younger disabled people to interact with the world around them. Exercise options range from swimming to golf, sailing and gardening. Other activities develop skills and confidence around budgeting and buying healthy food, preparing nutritious meals, accessing public transport, and sexual health and wellbeing. Each individual is therefore able to choose a personalised programme that works for their individual needs.

Leonard Cheshire Disability Battersea also delivers 27 bespoke health and wellbeing days targeted at BME community needs, to promote healthier lifestyles without sacrificing cultural identity.

‘It’s about the people that use the service, telling me what they want’

Leonard Cheshire Disability Battersea Enablement and Healthy Living received £343,805.

Project: Active Plus Communities

active plus 300px

Meet the Active Plus veterans

Active Plus draws on the skills and expertise of military veterans to support vulnerable people, while helping them to transition from forces to civilian life.

Active Plus delivers courses and activities for unemployed people, older people at risk of isolation, people with health conditions, and young people at risk of leaving school without qualifications or work.

This project supports 30 military veterans to overcome their own physical injuries and/or PTSD and develop skills and confidence to transition from forces to civilian life. With this support, each volunteer then gives around 200 hours of their time to deliver courses for older people at risk of isolation – creating a double benefit.

By putting them into a situation where they can help other people, that aids their transition from service life to community life’