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The Future of Doing Good in the UK

Opening up a conversation
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The context for ‘doing good’ – creating social value – has changed beyond recognition in recent years. We’ve experienced financial crisis and global economic slowdown; corporate scandals in industries like banking; government significantly cutting back on public spending; and charities facing increasing debate about their role in creating a good society.

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It’s in this context that we at the Big Lottery Fund hope to facilitate a debate across the whole of society – communities, charities, social enterprises, businesses and the state – about how ‘doing good’ should evolve in the future. What does it mean for how we support people to build better communities, and improve their own lives and the lives of those who live around them? What’s the role of charities, businesses, government and communities – and how should we all be working together?

We want you to get involved, to let us know what your responses are to these questions, and to ask you own questions about the Future of Doing Good.

In 2017 we worked with the Bevan Foundation in Wales to explore the social, cultural and environmental challenges faced by people and organisations. Conversations were held with a wide range of stakeholders from different sectors on how to address these, with the aim of improving people’s lives and creating social value. You can read about the main themes to emerge from these conversations in a new research paper, The Future of Doing Good in Wales

Have a look at our website: www.futureofdoinggood.org.uk

We are always looking for more articles and blogs, so if you have something to say, let us know and we’ll publish it!

The debate is also happening on Twitter via #FutureGood